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We are an organization and event production company that is dynamic and committed to its work. Its locations in three countries: The United States, Spain and Venezuela, have allowed us to create a network of alliances to plan, produce and launch events anywhere in the world. With our extensive experience in the events industry, Red Velvet Productions is committed to providing our clients with the best event management services.


Red Velvet Productions has a team of experienced and creative specialists who can carry out each event from its conception to its completion, under our motto:


«Always personalized, never generic, we reflect uniqueness and style».


“Thank you very much for being our support from the first day, they are really impeccable in their work, with a smile they managed to have even the smallest detail well done”.

Sabrina Peraza

“The coordination they have is worthy of admiration, our celebration was of another level, it completely exceeded our expectations, they are an incredible team”.

Manuel Girón

“It was like having a protective angel on the day of our wedding; having them with us on such an important day was the best decision”.

Stefania Combatti



It includes coordinating all the essential details, from the first day until the closing of the event.

From our experience, we guide our clients and advise them throughout the process, to ensure that their event is as they imagined without having to worry about dealing with the details.


Designed specifically for all those who have started the planning of your event, but need professional help for the rest of the process.

Six months before the event, we take care to continue with the development of what’s planned, taking full advantage of the premises and decoration contracted.


Designed for those who have already planned their event and have made the necessary hirings.

One month before the event, we take care of the logistics process, coordination and professional execution for that special day. Enjoy and leave the details in our hands.


Grace De Abreu

Andreína De Abreu
COO / Miami

Elisa Añez
COO / Venezuela

Angie Sousa
COO / Mexico


Red Velvet Productions ©2018

Red Velvet Productions ©2018